Understand How Your Employees Will React to Phishing Emails , A Phone Call From An Unknown Number, A Text Message with Simulated Attacks and Prevent Real Crimes

Today, every organization is under threat from social engineering tactics like phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and so on. Phishing attacks aim to win the trust of users by appearing to be from trusted sources. Such attacks can steal sensitive information like login credentials and credit card data. Spyware and Malware can also infect your company systems via phishing emails.
When it comes to countering phishing attacks, your employees can be both your most significant assets as well as pose the highest risks. Just one click can lead to data breaches and financial damage. To become assets rather than risks, employees need to develop security awareness, and phishing simulation is one measure to achieve this. Phishing simulation lets employees become aware of, report, and stay away from potential threats to company data and systems.
We bring you the best phishing simulator to test your employees’ security awareness. With our customized tools, you can target any segment or group of people in your organization with a simulated attack and observe their reactions. These activities can prove to be an eye-opener on your firm’s preparedness to deal with cyber threats.
Services We Offer:
Phishing is one of the most common attack vectors used by cyber adversaries where they try to imitate those of trusted individuals and organizations and lure employees into clicking malicious URLs and attachments or divulging sensitive information. A phishing simulation exercise from our team of experts assesses your employee's awareness of phishing email scams.
Business Email Compromise (BEC)
A Business Email Compromise (BEC) is another type of social engineering scam that involves the impersonation of a C-suite executive or top-level management to trick an employee or client into routing payment for goods or services to an alternate bank account. Our social engineering service is specially designed to simulate a Business Email Compromise attack.
Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Social engineering is an attack vector used by our team of certified ethical hackers as part of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing assessments.
Spear Phishing-as-a-Service
Spear-phishing is a highly targeted phishing attack designed to entice a targeted individual, usually a high privileged user in the organization. Our Spear Phishing-as-a-Services tests the susceptibility of an agreed target to reveal sensitive and confidential information.
156 Million Phishing Emails Are Sent Every Day. It’s Time to Take Action
Our virtual dashboards, easy to monitor reports, and highly customizable templates make securing your company pretty easy. Our applications are smooth and function faster. You can create a simulated attack in under 10 minutes or craft a spear phishing mail and sent it through a specific server.
How Is Our Phishing Simulator The Superior Security Control?
  • We provide realistic phishing templates, which include customizations ranging from fake promotions to packaging tracking and password resets.
  • Our user-friendly controls help you customize attacks with ease. From the number of recipients to the date of the launch, you can specify all parameters
  • All the landing pages can be customized using different options
  • Our awareness program takes less than 10 minutes to set up a simulated threat.
  • We are mobile-friendly, and our services can be used from any device.