An effective Simulation of targeted attacks to greatly improve your security posture

Simulated Attacks, Actionable Findings. See how your organization would stand up, through an emulated attack, using the same adversarial tools, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) criminals employ. Attackers look for weaknesses in process, technology and people. We identify weaknesses and test preventative measures.

A breach in security is always unexpected, and cybercriminals behind such attacks do not work according to your organization’s plan. Organizations might have some safeguards against malicious actors, but groupthink and confirmation bias can leave some vulnerabilities open. An objective assessment of security capabilities can help your organization become well-prepared for unwanted cyber incidents. This assessment is carried out with Red Teaming.
Red Teaming: A Holistic Approach That Simulates Real-world Attack Scenarios
Red teaming first originated in the military and then found its way to enterprises using practices such as penetration testing and ethical hacking. Red teaming is a process of simulating real-world attacks by replicating the techniques, tactics, and procedures actual adversaries would use. Such thorough risk evaluations will enable your enterprise to take the necessary defensive measures and also raise the security awareness of the organization.
Think Like an Attacker To Beat The Attackers
Our objective is to mirror a real-world attack scenario and figure out the various ways of how a breach can impact the security of an organization. Doing this is necessary to understand the risks and vulnerabilities your business faces.
We leverage a combination of proprietary intelligence repositories as well as open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques to explore the weakness of the target environment.
Our repertoire of a wide variety of attacks provides the best in class solutions. Combined with recommendations from our threat intelligence experts, your organization becomes invulnerable to attacks.
Benefits of Our Red Teaming Assessment
  • Real-world Attack Scenarios: We test realistic attack scenarios using a wide range of techniques used in real-world attacks
  • Customizable Solutions: Get tailor-made procedures based on the most relevant risks to your organization
  • Informative Reports: Get a detailed report describing actions taken during the assessment with a summary of the vulnerabilities found
  • Recognized Security Expertise: Our threat intelligence experts provide 24*7*365 consultation.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Know the best security strategies for long-term improvement of your security posture.