Incidents Forensics

Protect The Integrity Of Evidence

If you suspect elements of your IT infrastructure have been used to commit a fraud against you, either directly through the use of a computer or internet connection, it’s important to act fast to recover as much evident information as possible. Most importantly, it’s important to have a computer forensics expert do it, so the evidence recovered can be used in a court of law if necessary.

Whiz Security computer forensics experts make sure that no digital evidence is left unnoticed and help at any stage of an investigation or litigation, nevertheless of the number or location of data sources. Believe in Whiz Security computer forensics experts as we can assist you with your most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation.

We have a vast range of forensic services that covers all the digital devices. We can perform accurate forensic analysis virtually on any matter that prove to be a vital support for molding legal strategies. Some of the fields which are looked by us under this include criminal cases, civil litigation, patent infringement, intellectual property theft.

  • Cyber Crime Investigation: We scrutinize the physical and digital evidence in order to open up what has happened, with the aid of our computer forensic expertise and use of traditional investigative techniques.
  • Data Preservation: Whiz Security provides our client with cost effective and defensible methods and solutions for identifying and preserving the data during the investigation process.
  • Data Collection: No matter what the volume and complexity of your collection needs, our team employs forensically sound, best-practice methodology to gather your data for electronic investigation and forensic analysis, or forensic discovery.
  • Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis: Whiz Security digital forensic experts can retrieve the data that was deleted or manipulated accidentally or purposely by trailing the digital clues that are available to get the critical information.
  • Expert Testimony and Reporting: We have highly experienced experts and credentials to serve as an expert witness or special master.
Cyber Forensic Analysis includes service delivery and analysis of information related to the computer systems and computer devices. The experts handling such tasks make use of their wide experience in attaining insight on what, when and how it occurred and also details regarding the persons involved. Some of the other services include taking care of the people who misuse computer systems, conduct computing investigations, collect digital evidence of areas like device forensic, enterprise forensics, disk forensic, network forensic, photo forensic etc. All these forensic services are handled by experienced industry professionals and support the demands of providing services related to forensic analysis as well as meeting the demands of associated litigation and advisory support as demanded by the customers.