Healthcare industries are unusually vulnerable to cyberattacks

Cybersecurity In The Healthcare Sector
We Safeguard Organizations In The Healthcare Industry By Utilizing Best Practices
Unlike institutions like banking, healthcare industries are at risk as they rely on legacy systems and are often not up to date with the latest software. On top of that, cybercriminals target the healthcare industry due to the valuable patient information it handles.
Healthcare institutions also need to comply with regulations that may include the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the National Guardian Data Security Standards, HIPAA, and Data Protection Act 2018. The regulatory scene is also ever-evolving and requires expert consultants to ensure mistakes are not made.
Some grave challenges include threats from spear-phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks. These various cybersecurity risks and compliance requirements make it essential that healthcare organizations respond proactively before lasting damage can occur to them.

We Safeguard Organizations In The Healthcare Industry By Utilizing Best Practices

We have been working in the field of healthcare cybersecurity for a long time and have helped several healthcare organizations make their systems invulnerable. With their experience, skills, and thorough knowledge about the field, our security experts have developed several information security best practices. These practices assist in the protection of a healthcare organization’s patient records, Protected Healthcare Information (PHI), Intellectual Property (IP), as well as the research related information of the organization.
Our experts have developed techniques to identify and prevent cyber attackers by limiting breach exposure and employing security defense systems, firewalls, data encryption techniques, etc. to avoid hackers from gaining access to the network and the sensitive data of the organization.
The security services provided by our experts include cybersecurity strategy creation, as well as planning, and security audits to understand the organization’s IT infrastructure and detect weaknesses and high-risk areas. We also provide management of network security services and response systems.
Do The Following Challenges Sound Familiar?
  • Industrial Espionage Risk and the need to protect valuable patented information
  • Preventing confidential patient data from falling into the wrong hands
  • Finding security breaches and acting according to incident response plans
  • Safeguarding massive IT estates that have specialized systems
  • Maintaining a balance between infosec needs and system accessibility
  • Managing the risks that arise from the use of IoMT and IoT devices
  • Spreading security awareness among staff and end-point users