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Identify How an Attacker Would Gain Access to Your Environment and Use Those Systems as a Base for Attacks Deeper into the Network

There are chances that an attacker might gain access to your environment and use those systems for larger attacks into the network. Any sort of unauthorized access to the company resources using existing or new vulnerabilities are a serious security issue. It is necessary to verify that the new and existing applications, networks and systems are not vulnerable to a security task. The vulnerability assessments are a mild evaluation to identify the issues and vulnerabilities in the network. It is always essential to conduct further testing to show how an intruder would gain control to your environment and use the systems to attack deep into the network.

We perform penetration tests in a controlled environment by making use of methods similar to those that a real-world unauthorized attacker uses to penetrate an organization’s environment. Once a vulnerability is identified we establish the impact of the vulnerability and provide necessary advice. This will help the clients to know the effects on the business and find out methods to improve the systems, design and development processes or policies and procedures.

Real attacks. Real learning. Real refinement.
Penetration tests conducted by Whiz Security are customized to your environment. We provide no two assessments of the same type. We have a vast range of penetration testing options and they provide information that helps to improve security of your organization.
Benefits of Penetration Testing
  • Validate internal and/or external security controls, including protections around high-value systems
  • Manual testing that simulates current threats, including pivoting and post exploitation
  • Satisfy compliance needs, including PCI 3.x, FFIEC, HIPAA
  • Confidence in the assessment knowing that the latest threat intelligence and tactics from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit were utilized
  • Tests users in conjunction with your external and internal networks
  • Simulates a common real-world threat; spear phishing + external testing that segues into an Internal foothold
  • Tests your response and detection capabilities

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